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Joke's on him... Chameleon circuit's broken on that one...

What? What?! He's a fucking Time Lord, you assholes!

Puffy McBulimia Face
8 July 1986
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i am currently a student at boston university, i'm a fan of all kinds of music, movies, i love comedy, i like guinness (and extra stout), i'm a big fan of both lewis black and ron white. i live in new hampshire, so i'm a pretty big fan of fresh air, trees, stars, blue skies and green grass. and no, i don't tip cows. i don't live far enough north for that. my favorite color is green, i love carbohydrates, and i'm an awful swimmer but i enjoy doing it anyway. i recently realized that i love the beach and am actually capable of tanning. that was a nice surprise. i like many things japanese, including various animes, chiefly sailor moon and mayazaki's films, sushi, i'm also a big fan of hello kitty merchandise and sudoku. i am interested in musical theater but i'm more likely to be found in the audience then on stage.